New Item Label Design: Rivalus

These labels were created for Rivalus, a sports nutrition company I currently work for.

Rivalus was already producing a whey protein mix named Rival Whey, meant for making cold protein shakes. After I joined the team, Rivalus became interested in developing a new product that was safe to use in hot liquids and cooking recipes. Along with the Rivalus marketing team, I helped brainstorm this product, named Rival Whey Warm Ups. I then created concepts, designed the labels, chose the flavor images, drew the infographics and text formatted the nutritional info.

Three flavors of this 1 pound protein product were created. Below you will see the full flat label design, complete with infographics and nutritional information, as well as a 3D concept render of the bottles.

All rights and designs pictured are property of Rivalus.


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop (to crop and color correct flavor images)
  • Adobe Dimensions (to create 3D renders for concept design)